How to Play online roulette

What is Roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance, played at online and land-based casinos throughout the world. It was first played in the late 1700s in Paris, and by the 20th century had spread throughout the world. Nowadays, a casino simply isn’t a casino without at least one roulette table on offer.

There are three main variations of the game – American, European, and French. Each has subtle differences that every roulette player needs to know about (all of which we describe in detail below). The world of online casinos has spawned many new variations as well, increasing the variety and excitement of roulette even further.

The basic premise of roulette is this: you’ll need to predict which number a ball will land on when the roulette wheel is spun. You do this by placing bets on a roulette board, which contains 37 or 38 numbers, depending on the version you’re playing, and several different betting options. If your bet is a successful one, you’ll get paid.

There’s no skill involved at all, as the game is based entirely on chance, meaning even complete beginners have a chance of winning some money when they play.

How To Play Roulette In Five Easy Steps

  1.  Choose the type of roulette game you want to play and pick your table
  2.  Place your bet(s) on the table
  3.  Once you’ve finished placing bets, start the roulette wheel spinning
  4. The ball will come to a stop on one of the numbers
  5.  If you’ve won, your winnings will be paid into your casino account automatically – time to celebrate

The Best Bets for Beginner Roulette Players

Looking to find out how to play roulette online and win? If so, you’ll need to pick the best bets.

It might not be the kind of adrenaline-pumping roulette you were hoping for, but those looking to win should stick to only placing even money bets – red/black, odd/even, and high/low. Despite having the lowest payouts, these are the bets with the lowest house edge. This means that, over time, they give you the best chance of making some money. casino malaysia

But what if you’re looking for something a little more exciting than even money bets? Well, if you’ve had a sudden rush of blood to the head, or perhaps have the kind of bankroll mere mortals can only dream of, why not try a straight up bet? We’ll level with you, your chances of winning aren’t high, however, the payout of 35 to 1 can lead to some massive prizes.

It’s also important to reiterate this: beginner players looking for the best chance of winning should play French roulette, as it has the lowest house edge of all three major versions.

How to Play Roulette Online

Roulette might look daunting at first, but it’s an exceptionally simple game to play. Every version of roulette always starts with you picking one or more bets to make. You do this by clicking on the part of the board that represents your chosen bet.

You’ll have an unlimited amount of time to place bets in standard online roulette, but those playing live dealer roulette will have to make their bets within a time limit. Once you’ve finished placing your bets, you’re ready to spin the wheel.

Just click the relevant button to get the wheel spinning or wait for the live dealer to do it. Look out for the ball which will be spinning around the wheel – this is the part where should hold your breath as you wait for it to land on one of the numbers… If the ball lands on your number, you’ll get a cash prize!

Sound exciting? You’ll be glad to know you can find a great selection of free online roulette games right here on this site, giving you the chance to practice playing without having to spend a cent of your casino online malaysia own money. online casino malaysia

That’s the basics of how to play roulette covered! You can now spin the wheel at some of our free games, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, play for real money at one of the top roulette casinos online.

Where to Play Roulette

If you’re still unsure of how to play roulette, why not try out the free roulette games we offer? They’ve got exactly the same gameplay as real money games but won’t cost you a thing to play – so go get that practice in and try a few different types of bets!

Feeling confident and want to play roulette for best online casino malaysia real money? If so, you should head to one of our recommended casinos, all of which offer many roulette games, big bonuses, and best online casino malaysia high levels of best online casino malaysia security. At the moment, our number one place to play malaysia online casino is T7BET , so why not head there today and sign up? You can also check out our other top-rated real money casinos below if you want to decide for yourself. You can check out even more online casino guides here.

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